RoboBusiness Europe, 2014, 26-28, May, Denmark

26-28 May 2014

RoboBusiness logoBlue Ocean Robotics and their organising partners are pleased to invite you, your organisation and network partners to join the RoboBusiness Europe 2014 event taking place at Hotel LEGOLAND in Denmark from May 26th to 28th, 2014.

Blue Ocean Robotics (Odense, Denmark) are passionate robotics entrepreneurs dedicated to create pioneering ideas and unique partnerships, incubate concept design, funding for entrepreneurial teams and proof-of-concept developments as well as innovate by user pilot testing and spin-out of robotic products to investors. They are based on strong international partnerships and a synergistic blend of research, business and entrepreneurship along with efficient bridging of the private and public sectors.

RoboBusiness Europe is a first-of-its-kind robotics event for the Continent. The purpose of RoboBusiness Europe is to provide a platform for robotic developers and end-users to meet and, thus, to bridge the development within robotics with the end-users’s needs. It is the 2014’s must-attend industry event for bringing robotics to market: how-to tactics, financing, building partnerships, marketplace strategies and commercializations. It’s all about how to create successful competitive advantages. RoboBusiness Europe 2014 is a unique event as it brings the brightest minds in academia, research, science, engineering, robotics, government, industry, service, investment, and media together to discuss and debate growth opportunities and challenges for the robotics industry.

RoboBusiness Europe is essentially a meeting place for innovators from industry, academia and the public sector with a focus on robot-technology based innovation in specific European market sectors. The organizers expect 3-400 end-users, business professionals, investors, high-tech robotic company entrepreneurs, academics, consultants, experts and more. Along with keynote presentations, two-party matchmaking meetings, special-topic sessions, panel discussions and exhibitions, they aim at an unforgettable event and outstanding high-value networking. The program is available at the webpage.

Education, coined “Play & Learn” is a key topic of the event, which makes it even more interesting for talent development. There will be demonstrations, presentations and 1-to-1 meetings with key players on topics such as “Playware” - intelligent hardware and software that creates play and playful experiences for users of all age; Modular robotics and modern artificial intelligence - creating playful and novel solutions for education; Robotics as a tool for inclusion - children with learning disabilities and also the brightest can benefit of technologic development; Do-It-Yourself and programming - makers allow learning practical skills and increase opportunities to work creatively; Social robots for therapy - with infinite patience predictability and versatility social robots can be modified in various ways to meet the requirements of the specific child as a tool for teaching children with various disabilities. Read more about the ‘Play and Learn’ Track.

Moreover, on May 28 attendees are given two unique opportunities: visit a flight demonstration at Drone Air Show that will take place at Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense, within the framework of the ISARRA 2014 conference and join us for an inside tour of LEGO’s factory to get a rare and unique sneak peek of the place where the iconic brick is produced.

The organizers are committed to make the participation an unforgettable experience and an eye-opening milestone. If you would like to know more about the event, please, contact Michaela Andersen.

Important: anyone who registers for the conference through European Talent Center - Budapest can get extra benefit from the organizers. These are the codes that can be used to provide an extra benefit to members and people around the European Talent Centre and can be used during the registration.

Invited Guest ETC Budapest – Full – RBEETC2014
Invited Guest ETC Budapest – One day 26/5 – RBEETC262014
Invited Guest ETC Budapest – One day 27/5 – RBEETC272014

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