Visit of the representatives of the Pro Scientia Naturae Foundation, Zenta* (Serbia)

The leaders of the Foundation paid a visit to the Budapest European Talent Centre to exchange views about the current issues of the development of the gifted and talented and to learn about the activities of the European Talent Support Network.

The Pro Scientia Nature Foundation was created by an NGO the Association of Gardeners in Zenta with the aim of contributing to the development of the area and the local agriculture. Its main activities include educational programmes, research and development projects, networking and related marketing. It cooperates with the local farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs, supports the local Consulting Centre of the Budapest based Corvinus University, and through that it takes responsibility in the higher education, lifelong learning and everyday consulting with the producers.  By networking the Foundation tries to coordinate the work of the agricultural experts of the region and exploit their knowledge for the benefit of the area.

The Foundation realized the importance of the support of the gifted and talented and takes an important role in the talent development activities of the region. In the framework of the National Talent Programme the Foundation ran several programmes promoting talent support for elementary and secondary school pupils and also for university students during the past two years.

In 2015 – aiming to set a tradition – the Foundation organized the first Than memorial camp for secondary school students from both the region and Hungary. (Károly Than was an outstanding Hungarian chemist, member of the Academy of Sciences, professor of the University of Budapest, initiator of the first Hungarian chemical periodical in the 19th century, born in Óbecse in the Zenta region).

For elementary school pupils another series of workshops was organized by the Foundation titled Step by step on the way of talent development.

*Zenta is one of the regional centres of Voivodina (Serbia) an area with a total of 2 million habitans.

Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.