Best Practices

Best practices of talent support in Europe and worldwide. In this page, you can find docuements in three categories:


János Gordon Győri, ed.:
International Horizons of Talent Support I

Book cover

János Gordon Győri, ed.:
International Horizons of Talent Support II



Balázs Hornyák:


Kinga Bereczki:
Talent Support Programme of Amoeba Foundation


Natália Váradi:
Kárpátaljai Európai Tehetségpontunk bemutatkozása


Ildikó Orosz - Natália Váradi:
Talent Support in Transcarpathia


Szilárd András:
Mathematical Talent Support in Transylvania


János Péntek and József Somai:
The Nyilas Misi Talent Support Association


István Berszán:
Land-rover reading/writing exercises - Talent support in the forest: Programme of the Invisible College


Albert Kiss:


Prof. Dr. Sándor Molnár and Györgyné Erdei:
Study trip to Lahti, Finland


Róbert Kormányos - János Vida:
Talent care in Voivodina


Judit Pap
What is the Chest curious of?

Summer School of Science 2011, Visnjan, Croatia

See also at our page Talent support at the Summer School of Science in Croatia.

András Szenczi
Research, community, opportunity
- the role played by the Movement of Researcher Students (Kutató Diákok Mozgalma) in helping students with outstanding abilities

See also an article on the movement in the news!

A good practice from Nijmegen, the Nederlands:
CBO (Centrum voor Begaafdheidsonderzoek)
Center for the Study of Giftedness

Studies for Companies

Study cover

Eszter Avar, Anna Magos and János Salamon:
Best HR Practices of International Large Companies


Talent is a special kind of natural resource that is available in every country.